Sunday, March 21, 2010

10.15 on a Saturday night

So I had a nice evening at Chanel's on Saturday night - we were there to celebrate her 18th.

Met some cool people, I had my plus 7's as well (hahaha) so that was fun. Selina came back to mine for the night, that was good for giggles. It was extra funny because she was flapping her wings. Got home late and watched Sex and the City, made curry, ate curry, ate corn chips, ate chocolate, ate yohgurt, watched Spongebob, slept in, did pedicures, played dress-ups, talked to BJ, did school work. Had a bit of fun. But the mood couldn't help but be dampened by the recent tragedy.

On a more serious note, Maari's memorial service is on this evening, it is her last night in Australia, she is being sent back to New Zealand at the request of some of the elders. This is a sad time for the community, a sad time for friends and a sad time for her family. I never knew Maari personally, but from what I knew about her, she had a beautiful soul. May she R.I.P, I wish her family and friends safety and love. I hope that my friends, that were friends with Maari, can reflect, remember and move forward. Goodbye Maari, rest in peace.

Back to a lighter note, here a few images that sum up the weekend.

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